2 Youtube Breast Implant Videos You Should Watch

Hey there!

So I’ve scheduled my breast augmentation in utah surgery! Of course I was feeling a little scared and decided to go check out youtube for some inspiration.

I found these 2 videos and I feel so much better after watching them! Of course people are going to be scared before they go get breast implants. But these videos made me know that I’m not alone!

Anyone considering breast augmentation should check them out!

What did you learn?

After watching these videos what did you learn!? I learned just how much of a difference breast implants make for the overall look! I mean, did you see the before and afters!

Oh my goodness I can’t wait to get them done! I’m only 3 weeks away too! I’m so excited.

I also learned that the scarring isn’t going to be as bad as I thought they would! I’m so excited I could scream!


I hope my friends and family that are reading this see how pumped I am about getting my boobs done. I also hope they know that I will be in good hands with Dr. Marion and that I am going to come out a new woman! My ex husband is going to be so jealous and regretful that he left me and treated me the way that he did too.

I hope everyone is having a good week. Please be safe out there. If any of you have questions about breast augmentation please let me know! I seriously love answering questions and I’ve gotten to a point where I have a lot of knowledge about breast augmentation!

Talk soon!

Dr. Marion is the Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Utah!

breastaugmentationsurgeonHey there!

Okay so after my last post I told the world that I am getting a boob job!

So after doing a whole lot of research I decided to go with Dr. Marion! He seems like the best breast augmentation doctor in Utah! Trust me I did so much research too. I checked out every site I could find. I talked to so many friend and even my mom had things to tell me.

So after so much research I decided to go with Dr. Marion.

Here are 3 reasons why.

1. Dr. Marion is relatable

When I went in and met Dr. Marion I immediately felt comfortable. He made me feel good about myself! We talked for an extended amount of time and when all was said and done I had all my questions answered.

2. Dr. Marion has Experience

Finding a doctor that had experience was the most important thing for me! I knew I didn’t want to be the first person or some experimental patient. Dr. Marion has already done many many breast augmentations so I knew I could count on him!

3. Dr. Marion was totally professional

I scheduled a few appointments with other doctors and they were flirting with me! I couldn’t believe it. Dr. Marion on the other hand was totally relatable.

So there you go. I’m going with Dr. Marion for my boob job!

Ps. If you want to learn more about Dr. Marion go to utbreastaugmentation.com and learn all about him! He really is the best and I can’t stress that enough! So check him out before it’s too late! This is your life. Let’s all get boob jobs and look our best!

My Breast Implant Inspiration!

Hey there!

I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to get breast implants so I decided to check out some youtube videos. I ran into this video and I was so inspired! I also ran into this website and I’m thinking Dr. Marion may be the perfect surgeon for me!

After watching this video I knew I had to get breast implants. So check out the video!

She basically talks about getting her breast implants and how much she likes them. In addition, she goes through the whole process of what she did to from start to finish!

She also shows her before and afters which are so incredible! I’m just happy I was finally able to take the plunge and schedule my free consultation.

Talk soon! Love you! Mean it.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost in Utah


So here we are again.

Writing out a bunch of words about breast augmentation costs in Utah. Sure I’m sure you’re one of our many thousands of readers just waiting to hear what we have to say here at contdiv.com, but I’d like to take you on a journey first before I disclose the real information you’re here for.

Are Breast Implants Right for You?

Before you try to figure out the cost of breast augmentation, it’s important that you answer this one critical question first. Are breast implants right for you?

There are many factors that can come into answering this question. The first is are you prepared to get an invasive surgery performed just to up your sexual appeal? You know the saying “no pain, no gain.” That is definitely the case when it comes to getting breast implants. Recovery time from the surgery can take up to 6 months so be sure you’re prepared to take this on.

How much does breast augmentation cost?

The second critical question is a question of economics. How much does breast augmentation cost? Of course, prices vary and if you want the best breast augmentation surgeon in Utah it’s going to cost a little bit more. This is because of the basic economic principle of supply and demand. When the surgeon you’re seeking out is considered the best, obviously the demand for his/her services will be greater and will in turn increase the costs.

So how much does breast augmentation cost in Utah? I’ll give you a ballpark range, although there are a number of factors that can fudge the actual numbers. You’ll need to get a free breast implant consultation before you’ll really be able to know.

With that said, the cost can range between $5,000 and $8,000.

Is breast augmentation worth it?

This is completely subjective. Many women say it’s the best money they’ve ever spent because getting breast implants was the catalyst to increasing their self confidence and thus ability to enjoy their life.

So is it worth it? Only you will be able to know.

Take care! See you soon.

Love, the Continental Divide team.